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Published on April 29, 2013

For about 7 years my self-image was very negative. I lost my motivation for living and thought of suicide daily, although I knew I wouldn’t and couldn’t carry out the act. Suicide is too selfish to consider. It would leave my problems to be solved by the people I love and would devastate my mother and wife. At the Healing School, the Flames of Fire ministers prayed for my depression. My spirits were lifted immediately, but that’s not the whole story. A few days later I was praising the glory of God in prayer when I suddenly burst out laughing with joy. The laughing lasted for 10 minutes or so, but the joy of the Lord was upon me and I was literally giddy with happiness for the rest of the day. That day, my life turned around. My view of the future has become infused with new optimism and my self-confidence is still growing. I waited a few months to write down my testimony so I’d have the confidence to say the change was not just for a while! I’ve been permanently changed by the healing power of God. Thank you, Jesus.


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April 29, 2013

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