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Published on April 29, 2013

The children love to listen to the “Mr. Gene” CDs while riding in the car. On one ride into town, they were listening to another girl give her testimony of how her eyes were healed. Our youngest (6) decided she wanted her eyes to be healed as well. She had just started wearing glasses. We prayed as a family for all our eyes to be healed and when Abby went to bed that night she told me that God said it would take a week. I told her to keep praying and God would heal her. The next morning she told me she could see across the room. Each day she could see a little better and by the end of the week, she handed me her glasses and told me she didn’t need them any longer.

Jessica (7) decided she wanted to be healed as well. She was far-sighted and was having trouble reading, especially her Bible which had small print. Bryan and I had talked about getting her a Bible with bigger print so she could read it. However, God healed her eyes and she can now read that small print no problem.

We are still praying for the rest of us to be healed! Lord, that I may receive my sight…


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April 29, 2013

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