T.S.’s Testimonial

I am 10 yrs. Old. I have worn glasses since I was 4 yrs. Old. Not just any old glasses – bi-focals. If I happened to set my glasses down at night before I went to bed in a different spot than usual, I would have to ask my mom to help me find them cause I could not find them by myself.

On 01-12-09 my mom took me to a special healing at our church in Bucoda. Flames of Fire Ministry healed me. I wasn’t to sure at first if I could see better, but as my mom and I were walking out of the church I began to read. I read everything I could find. On the walls, on the bulletins, the floor, the ceilings. I started crying – Mommy, Mommy I can see – I can read! I haven’t stopped reading every little thing I can find! It is the first time since I have gone to school (I’m in the 5th grade now) that I haven’t worn glasses – I leave them at home now! Thank-you God! For your wonderful gift to me!

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