Healing Of Multiple Sclerosis

Published on August 26, 2021

Healing Of Multiple Sclerosis

In healing and deliverance ministry, we go beyond looking at natural circumstances and see with spiritual eyes into the supernatural realm. We need to act on the God’s ordained principles about forgiveness, repenting of our past, and stop sinning so that we can get healed and STAY healed. Here is a testimony about Jackie’s[1] 20-year affliction with multiple sclerosis that teaches us this principle in a real-life situation.

She came to us seeking healing to release her from this long struggle with MS. She was so debilitated with shaking and trembling that she used a walker. It was only with the assistance of a friend that she was able to come to our service. As we prayed with her, the Holy Spirit revealed there were three evil spirits causing her to be sick. Then He told me their names.

I commanded each spirit to come out of her NOW, in the Name of Jesus! There was a stirring as they manifested their presence around her, like a whirlwind blowing, but they would not leave. So, I stepped back and asked the Lord why they did not obey me. The Lord said, “The sins of her father are keeping her sick. To be healed, she must repent of his sins because there is a generational connection between her father’s sins and hers.” I stopped the prayer team and spoke to Jackie about the sins of her father. Immediately she admitted that her father hated white men, and she did too.

Her father’s racist spirit, along with the other evil entities present and Jackie’s admission of her racist attitude, was at the root of the MS. This was the door for this spirit to enter and bring in two others. When confronted with the truth, Jackie, a Spirit-filled believer, bowed her head and repented of the sins of her father, and asked God to forgive him. Then she repented of her sin of racism and asked God to forgive her.

As Jackie repented, I commanded these three spirits by name to leave her, and immediately they left. We then broke off all the generational curses on her! Jackie stopped shaking and began to stomp her feet! She yelled, “I can feel my toes! I can feel my toes!” I asked, “What does that mean?” She said, “I have not been able to feel my toes for years.” She jumped up and began to run around the room; no shaking, no evidence of multiple sclerosis in her body. She was completely healed!

As we came to the end of our prayer time with Jackie, we covered her with the Blood of Jesus. The Blood is a shield that protects us from all curses. We asked the Lord to seal her with the Holy Spirit. This seal signifies that she now belongs to Jesus, and no evil spirits can return to torment her and or operate in her family. Because Jackie humbled herself and repented, she was healed. Sickness can be held in place by spirits until we repent of sin and begin to walk in humility and the truth. If Jackie would go back and participate in anything racist, then the door would be opened again for her sickness to come back.

I cannot say that the sins of her father caused her MS, but I can say the three spirits we dealt with kept her sick. Ephesians 4:27 instructs us “…do not give the devil an opportunity [to lead you into sin by holding a grudge or nurturing anger, or harboring resentment, or cultivating bitterness].” (AMP)


[1] Name was changed to protect her privacy.



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August 26, 2021

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