Published on August 26, 2021


One day I was called by our youth pastor asking if I would come to pray for one of the boys in the children’s youth group. He was only five years old, but he was out of control – kicking, scratching, screaming. The pastor told me that if I could not help him, they would have to ask the family to leave the church because of his behavior. He brought the boy and his mother in to see me. In the beginning, the boy was very polite and sat quietly. We talked for a minute, and then a spirit began to manifest. He began to scream and scratch, striking out at everyone. While I held onto him, the Lord revealed the problem as a spirit of schizophrenia. So, when I called the spirit of schizophrenia to attention, the boy began to yell at me saying, “I’m going to get a knife and cut your stomach open and play with your intestines.”

At this point, the boy’s mother put her head on the table and began to cry. I asked her what is going on. Through her tears, she said, “Those are the same words my mom screamed at me when I was six years old. I have never told my son what happened to me as a child. And before I was a teenage, my mother was put into a mental institution.” Now, that spirit of the grandmother, was passed down to the grandson through their generational connection.

We continued praying over him, commanding this schizophrenic spirit to leave. The spirit became obedient to our commands, the boy’s countenance began to change, and he started crying, “I need to pee, I need to pee.” (Often when the spirits are leaving, there will be some type of physical manifestation.) His mother walked him to the bathroom. A few minutes later, he walked out smiling and said, “Hi, Mr. Gene, how are you?” His character and behavior had changed. In the time following his deliverance, he was just a normal little boy, and the family was able to stay in the church. What a deep sense of joy was in his mother as she kept telling me, “I have my son now!”

Even while the boy was coming, the demon slammed (seized) him down and threw him into a [violent] convulsion. But Jesus rebuked the unclean spirit, and healed the boy, and gave him back to his father.

Luke 9:42 AMP




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August 26, 2021

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