Chemical Sensitivity

Published on August 26, 2021

Chemical Sensitivity

One Saturday evening at our healing service, I began to pray for a lady with chemical sensitivity. During the summer, she’s confined to her house because of outside air pollution. Inside, her home has an air purifier to help minimize inside exposure to airborne chemicals. Her life was complicated! I took a few minutes with Nikki[1] and her husband, Tom, to share what Jesus did on Calvary for her healing. She responded with this comment, “Well, I’m Job.” She believed that God had put this problem on her like the boils that afflicted Job. I responded to this by asking, “How long have you been sick?” She said, “Since I was a little girl and I’m now 40.” I answered, “Job spent 40 days in his trial, and then he was set free.” She immediately spoke up and said, “Well, I’m not Job; I am Paul. This is my ‘thorn in the flesh.’” I opened my Bible to 2 Corinthians 12:7 and explained that this messenger of satan was sent to buffet Paul because of the profound revelations he had received from God. The buffeting kept him from the danger of exalting himself. So, I asked, “What is your great revelation that you need this messenger of Satan to buffet you and keep you humble?” Then she said, “Okay, I’m not Paul. Pray for me.”

Nikki explained in more detail what some of the effects of this sensitivity caused. Her throat would swell, and, as a result, breathing became very difficult. The scent of colognes, perfumes, and various fragrances in many products triggered her breathing complications. Nikki also couldn’t be around peanuts; eating them was impossible because of the risk of anaphylactic.[2] shock. If she took a peanut and laid it on her arm, the skin under the peanut would begin to swell within a short while, reacting to the oil. Lines would run up her arm, showing an allergic reaction. I commanded the spirit to leave that was causing her to be sick. It took a little while, maybe 10 minutes. Nikki was facing me, and her husband was at her left shoulder. She then leaned back and, placing her head on his right shoulder, whispered to him, “Tom, I can smell your cologne; it smells wonderful.”

On Sunday morning, an elder who was with us during the Saturday prayer time called me and said, “Let me have you talk to somebody.” He put Nikki on the phone. She said, “Guess what I’m eating?” I responded, “I can guess, probably peanuts!” With great excitement in her voice, she said, “Yes, I’m standing in the foyer of our church eating peanuts! I’ve never been able to eat them before today.”

Praise God! Jesus is still the Healer and our Deliverer, redeeming us from sin, sickness, and disease yesterday, today, and forever!

And overwhelming astonishment and ecstasy seized them all, and they recognized and praised and thanked God. They were filled with and controlled by reverential fear and kept saying; we have seen remarkable and strange and incredible and unthinkable things today!

Luke 5:26 AMPC


[1] Not her or her husband’s real names.

[2] Exaggerated allergic reaction to a foreign protein resulting from previous exposure to it.


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August 26, 2021

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