Gene Wilkerson’s Memorial Service 9-21-2019

Testimonies of Faith and Healing

Tammy Taylor’s Healing

L.B.’s Testimonial

In 2000 I began to experience seizures and extreme fatigue but ignored all symptoms, denying that there was anything wrong with me. That denial and my lifestyle as a believer brought me to the lowest point of my life.

In January 2001 I experienced a brain stroke, a bleeding left eye, and was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus. Systemic Lupus is an immune disease that attacks and eats away at the vital organs and brain. When the disease is active, it can be life threatening. For my situation, the disease put me in bed 12 to sometimes 14 hours a day and I experienced slurred speech, as well as short-term memory loss. I hit rock bottom in my life and lost my home, job, and alot of mobility. The only one I turned to was Jesus Christ.

In 2005 I went to Seattle from Chicago for a visit. I had lived in Federal Way in the 1990’s and accepted Christ at a local church in 1998. During my visit, I met Gene Wilkerson after a church service. I told Gene I had Systemic Lupus and he very casually asked if he could pray for me. I didn’t really understand what that meant. People say prayers all the time and I just thought it to be a kind gesture. Gene and his team prayed over me. I began to weep and I felt this hot heat resonate throughout my body. My legs became weak and the prayer team held me up as they prayed over me until they were done. Then, because I was so weak, they helped me sit down where I stayed for a time until I could stand up again. I really didn’t understand what had just happened to me. Gene explained that the Lord healed me and that it was done.

I went back to Chicago and I no longer was sleeping and lying in bed long hours. In fact, I was sleeping 6-8 hours now. I didn’t know what was happening to me. I went to the doctor for my blood tests and they came back normal. I was cured of the Lupus.

Since then, I walk in even deeper faith and obedience and my lifestyle is clean. I have nothing to be ashamed of and the Lord has been so faithful to guide my path because I have become an open vessel to him.

C.L.’s Testimonial

In 2004 I was involved in a bad horse accident. My injuries included a broken, separated shoulder and collarbone, along with 2 broken ribs in my back and a deflated lung. After my trip to the Emergency Room, I was sent home and told to visit a specialist. Due to my lack if insurance, I never returned to a doctor.

My broken bones healed and life went on…on with a constant pain in my shoulder and arm. I have spent many sleepless nights in agonizing pain due to my injured shoulder.

On the 23rd of Jan. 2009 I attended a healing service with Flames of Fire Ministries, all that day I had suffered with a horrible headache and a stiff neck, along with my endless aching shoulder.

When it came to my turn to be healed it took just a few short minutes of Prayer, and no headache, no stiff neck and…my shoulder no longer hurts! I have all of the movement back and am finally able to reach around to scratch my own back after all these years.

It’s been a month now since my healing, and my shoulder feels great. In fact the lump on the top of my shoulder where the tendon had balled up after being snapped in two, is hardly noticeable anymore.

Jesus healed me that night! What an awesome source of medical coverage! Glory to God!

A.J.’s Testimonial

Tonight I believe the Lord helped me to let go of the pain built up from past experiences. During the time I was being prayed for I felt like I was getting progressively lighter. I felt really good afterwards. Thank you!

B.J.’s Testimonial

I am moving my toes, which I haven’t been able to do for a long time. This is due to neuropathy in my feet caused by diabetes.
I was able to walk a bit without my oxygen. Normally I would have to sit after walking half the distance, even with my oxygen. I still need my oxygen but was able to be off it longer than usual.

C.B.’s Testimonial

He freed me from Rumetoid Arthritis. 2000 years ago Jesus said He healed a woman on the Shabat (Saturday)…tonight was my night for that healing he said.

C.W.’s Testimonial

God touched my lower back and healed it and made my hips in symmetry where they were not. My back feels a new support. He also delivered me from anxiety. He also healed my sense of smell.

T.S.’s Testimonial

I am 10 yrs. Old. I have worn glasses since I was 4 yrs. Old. Not just any old glasses – bi-focals. If I happened to set my glasses down at night before I went to bed in a different spot than usual, I would have to ask my mom to help me find them cause I could not find them by myself.

On 01-12-09 my mom took me to a special healing at our church in Bucoda. Flames of Fire Ministry healed me. I wasn’t to sure at first if I could see better, but as my mom and I were walking out of the church I began to read. I read everything I could find. On the walls, on the bulletins, the floor, the ceilings. I started crying – Mommy, Mommy I can see – I can read! I haven’t stopped reading every little thing I can find! It is the first time since I have gone to school (I’m in the 5th grade now) that I haven’t worn glasses – I leave them at home now! Thank-you God! For your wonderful gift to me!