Stories of Healing

Stories of Healing by Pastor Gene Wilkerson.

Covered with Tumors

X-rays showed each tumor to be about the size of a nickel. There was nothing the doctors could do for her. She came to us for prayer and hoped for a touch from God to heal her.

Darkness Revealed

A man came to our fellowship, participated in worship, seemed fully engaged in supporting our ministry, and was attentive to how we were ministering to people.

Mental Torment

The power of spiritual warfare principles of helped us in the dramatic deliverance of a young man in his 30’s who was tormented with severe mental issues.

Tormented with Schizophrenia

One day, our youth pastor called, asking if I would come to pray for one of the boys in the children’s youth group. He was only five years old, but out of control – kicking, scratching, screaming.

A Creative Miracle

With the many different types of healings I’ve witnessed, some are what I would classify as a creative miracle because the healing involves a restoration of totally broken or missing limbs, organs, etc. for the person to function normally.


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