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Pastor Eugene (Gene) Wilkerson


Gene served the Lord for over 30 years in a healing and deliverance ministry that touched many people’s lives. His heart was “all about Jesus,” the truth of God’s Word, fervent personal prayer, and waiting on Go in every decision he made. He was powerfully anointed in the gifts of the Holy Spirit to minister healing to the sick and freedom to those who were held captive by demonic power. God led him to start Flames of Fire Ministries – the healing fire from the Throne Room of God. that often fell on the people he prayed over. He taught us how to walk in the authority of Jesus’ Name and the power of His Blood. We were encouraged by him to live continuously in our victory as overcomers. He was unwavering in living these truths and being a warrior for Jesus taking down enemy strongholds. This Website came into being because Gene’s vision was for outreach beyond the walls of a building to share the truth that Jesus heals and delivers today—just like He did when He was on earth. Gene wanted a place to post his teachings, share testimonies of healings, and give more people a place to hear Truth. We continue with his vision.

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Pastor Rosemary Wilkerson

Growing up, I always felt a deep spiritual emptiness despite all my traditional religious experiences and practices—even wanting to be a nun. I married in my 20’s, and when I was a young mother Jesus, miraculously came to me and filled my empty heart with Himself. There were lots of difficult places in the years ahead, but I can testify to the goodness and grace of God who walked me through them all. In 2015, He led me to Flames of Fire Ministries (when they were still in a building) with my life falling apart and desperately needing prayer. Jesus reached into those deep hurts and healed my brokenness. I felt the power of the Holy Spirit first hand and was awed! In 2017, I volunteered to be the editor of the book Pastor Gene wanted to write. During this time, our working relationship developed into a deep friendship. Then, in May of 2018, God showed us that it was His will for us to be married. Even though he’s in heaven, I want to continue with my husband’s heart to share his vision and ministry with others.

Vernon & Kathy Tolson, Ministry Oversight & Administration

While living in Alaska and going through a near-death experience and surgery, I accepted Jesus as my Savior, and soon after, Kathy did too. God directed us to move to Tacoma, WA, and through a series of divinely directed circumstances, He put us in Flames of Fire Ministries. A deep bond of friendship began building with Pastor Gene. I love music, and it wasn’t long before I was working on the soundboard. With the leading of the Holy Spirit, I prepared Praise and Worship music for each service. Kathy’s many office administration talents quickly moved her into roles as secretary/treasurer and my helper with the music. Our testimonies proclaim the continuing miraculous power and love of Jesus to heal and deliver two of His most grateful servants. Together we are committed to serving Him faithfully in all He calls us to do. Since Gene’s passing, we still feel that calling and have taken on the Website’s administration to post Gene’s sermons, help minister to those needing prayer, and equipment logistics. We are staying the course to fulfill His plan and destiny for us.


Pastor Don and Jeanne Shelby

At age twelve, I committed my life to Jesus. When I was 17, I joined the Army. After the service, I went to work with my dad and brother in a family business. Over the years, I also held several fun jobs in marketing and sales. Jeanne and I met at a Foursquare church in Seattle and were married in 1987. What a blessing she is! Together we enjoy encouraging God’s people wherever we are. At the age of 60, I retired from my business career and began working as a facilities manager at our Foursquare church. God had some unique plans for my life when He moved me into a position as a full-time assistant pastor. Because I’m always looking for ways to connect with and disciple God’s people, it wasn’t long before I started an evening class called Church 101. That’s when Pastor Gene and I started a deep friendship that lasted a lifetime. The Senior Pastor asks me to begin a Ministry Training class from the book “Doing What Jesus Did.” So, I asked Gene to teach Church 101. That’s when Holy Spirit fire turned it into a Healing and Deliverance class instead. Then I was asked to lead the Stephen Ministry (Acts 6:2-3). It’s a hands-on course with people helping people in the church who are going through tough times. It’s a powerful tool for evangelism. Jeanne and I retired in 2008. What a rewarding time for us to be working in God’s kingdom for so many years. Today we continue ministering in the Healing Rooms in Richland, WA. Also, I’m putting together a book of a few Key Words from scripture. Our heart’s desire is always for people to see in themselves the same potential that Jesus sees in them as they walk with Him through His WORD. “Amen, Amen!” (See some of Don’s Word Studies in our Resource area.)


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