Pastoral Staff

Senior Pastors, John & Kelly Houser

Kelly and I have shared an intense yearning to live for Jesus since we were married in 1992. Over the years, we served in Children’s Ministries until we came to Flames of Fire. In 2013, a friend told us about this ministry, and I came to find out what it was all about. Then God tremendously impacted both of us when we heard the powerful truth of healing and deliverance that was being taught by Pastor Gene. We knew without a doubt that Jesus wanted us to serve here. We completely surrendered to His calling to be part of this team. In 2018 we became pastors. Now our yearning to serve grows deeper and deeper day by day as we experience the outpouring of His “manna” for all those Jesus brings to us for healing and deliverance.

Associate Pastor, Rosemary Wilkerson

Growing up I always felt a deep spiritual emptiness in my heart in spite of all my traditional religious experiences. When I was a young mother, Jesus came to me and filled that void. There were lots of rough places in the years ahead, but I can testify to the goodness and grace of God who walked me through them all. In 2015, He lead me to Flames of Fire. In 2017, I volunteered to be the editor of the book Pastor Gene wanted to write. During this time, our working relationship developed into a deep friendship. Then, in May of 2018, God showed us that it was His will for us to be married. Now I continue on this journey, one with my husband in heart and passion, to serve Jesus in this ministry.


Associate Pastors, Steven Njau & Anne Kimani

Anne and I grew up in Kenya, Africa but we didn’t know each other then. I accepted Jesus as my Savior when I was 21. My spirit became so alive with the love and power of God that I wanted to share it with others. Soon, I was ministering and preaching on the streets. When I came to the US to attend Seminary, I met Anne, and we were married in 2000. She, too, had an intense desire and love to serve Jesus. In 2014 she almost died from a brain aneurysm but was miraculously healed. Through a series of events, we were led to Flames of Fire Ministries. Here we found a place we could minister to follow our passion to see people saved, healed, and set free. We are willing to go wherever Jesus sends us with the Gospel message. “Praise the Lord!” resounds daily from our hearts and voices.

Music Director & Ministry Administration, Vernon & Kathy Tolson

While living in Alaska and going through a near-death experience and surgery, I accepted Jesus as my Savior, and soon after, Kathy did too. God directed us to move to Tacoma, WA, and through a series of divinely directed circumstances, He put us in Flames of Fire Ministry. I love music, and it wasn’t long before I was working on the soundboard, and with the leading of the Holy Spirit, preparing Praise and Worship music for each service. Kathy’s many talents in office administration quickly moved her into roles as secretary/treasurer and my helper with the music. Our testimonies together proclaim the continuing miraculous power and love of Jesus to heal and deliver two of His grateful servants. Together we committed to serve Him, and we desire to be faithful in all He calls us to do.

Memorial to Pastor Eugene Wilkerson


Eugene (Gene) served God for over 30 years as a Minister in healing and deliverance. His passion was “all about Jesus”, the TRUTH of God’s Word, fervent prayer, and waiting on God. He was anointed in the gifts of the Holy Spirit needed for a ministry of spiritual warfare. He taught everyone who would listen how to walk in the power and authority of Jesus’ Name. He was steadfast in believing and living in this truth. God called him home in August 2019. You may read about his life story here.


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