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Flames of Fire Beginning

The Lord put together Eugene Wilkerson and (Bud) Ernst Hopper in ministry 14 years ago as we answered the call to go and teach, preach, and heal (Matt 9:35). A large four-square church allowed us to minister to all who would come and be taught the truth about healing and deliverance for 15 years. Every week many people would come and get healed. We learned and saw the hand of God move for every hand that would reach out to Him.

I, Eugene Wilkerson, was saved and began to walk with the Lord at 20 years of age, learning to hear and obey the voice of the Lord, and it was powerful. My upbringing was in a large denomination that did not believe the gifts were for today. As a young believer I had to prove what men said against the Word of God, and make a decision what to believe. I was filled with the Holy Spirit in 1972 and my life has never been the same. Twenty-five years ago the Lord said I would begin walking in a healing and deliverance ministry and preach the truth for freedom to all.

Ernst Hopper was directed by the Lord to walk together with me in ministry, for his calling and mine are the same for teaching, preaching, and healing. We have answered His call for the church to be healed and to walk in freedom. The Lord called Bud into ministry in 1970, then in 1984 the gifts of the Holy Spirit began to work in Bud’s life. And he was never the same.

The End Times are here and we need to be ready for the coming of the Lord. The church is falling asleep and needs to wake up. The World needs to see the real church with love and power as when Jesus walked the earth.